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Bank of Stupid



Allow me to vent for a second about a sterling example of typical Chinese customer disservice I ran into today. Last week, I lost my wallet getting out of a taxi. That was my own dumb fault; I should’ve been more aware of my personal belongings when I got out. [...]

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No smoking please



I love life here in China. I’ve met a lot of really great people since coming here, and there’s a whole lot to love about this country. Unfortunately, the concept of face just gets in the way far too much for my comfort (and health) sometimes. Let me explain… [...]

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Chengdu Living: “Five must-see websites to advance your Chinese”



Chengdu Living just posted an article entitled Five Must-See Websites to Advance Your Chinese. If your Chinese has become stagnant, why not check it out?


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The whole world’s a….uhh…toilet?



Anybody who’s been to China knows that sights like the one above are extremely common here. It seems that the whole diaper thing that the rest of the world uses never really caught on here in China. So it’s not uncommon to see small children (and even children who seem [...]

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Ask an Expat, part 3



What follows is the third and final installment of our interview with expat Steve Holt…


Q: What are prices like in China?

A: That depends on what kind of money you make. If you’re rich in the US and making US dollars, things are really cheap to you. Your money goes a [...]

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